Forms Digitization

A client annually processes millions of paper-based forms as a part of their business. In order to improve the efficiency and cut down on the costs of this operation, we developed a Form Digitization System that is capable of:

  • Document scanning with automatic data extraction
  • Assisted data verification
  • Status visibility and workflow management, and
  • Performance metrics management

Technologies Used

Python, Django, Therefore by Canon


Document Management Service

The Philippine branches of a global manufacturing company need to provide various types of documents (i.e. delivery receipts, invoices, purchase orders) to their block storage in real-time; however, as these documents are paper-based, there is a disjoint between the local process of document delivery and the global architecture which receives these documents. To solve this, we created a Document Management Service which:

  • Digitizes paper-based documents with auto extraction of data, and
  • Sends the data to the block storage

Technologies Used

Python, IRISPowerscan by Canon


Secured Customer Database

A client is concerned about the dependency and security risks that can result from utilizing a 3rd Party service to manage confidential customer data. To mitigate these risks, we developed for the client a secure database that can manage confidential data by supporting:

  • Security configurations
  • Database encryption, and
  • Audit logs

Technologies Used

Python, Postman, MySQL, Apache, Zaproxy


Asset Management System

To efficiently track, identify, and audit hundreds of internal and loaned assets, as well as systematize the process of requesting for these assets, we helped develop a web application for the client that:

  • Tracks the assets throughout its lifecycle, and
  • Integrates the workflow (i.e. approval of use), based on user roles and asset type

Technologies Used

C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server